Hello World

My name is Pablo and I have known Julio since we were teenagers, we have explored caves, mountains and volunteered  with an ONG together. Eight years ago we made our first step to offload our pockets, carrying only what we really needed for the day and left behind all those loyalty cards, tickets and sticky notes. The quest for a solution that could not only lighten our Every Day Carry, do it in a sustainable way and fitting our personal style, lead us to design a new wallet.

We have tested with different material and designs, we have used prototypes for several months and challenged  our friends to use  the wallet too. Almost a year later we have reached a mature solution that can help anyone who is tired of carrying that big wallet on their pocket as well.

From the heart of Portugal to the World, we're launching Bambucard, a brand new slim wallet made out of Bamboo, making it available on Europe and North America through our webshop at www.bambucard.com