Why we support "Climb for Hope" project

Climb For Hope

If you noticed on our home page, 50cents on each BambuCard sold goes for the project "Climb for hope". For those wondering what is this project and why we decided to support their cause, we got to talk with Pedro Castelo and Kostyantyn Storozhenko, founders of this project.

BC  - We understand you love mountaineering, but what exactly have you been doing since last summer?

C4H- In 2015 we thought about a great adventure in our lives. In 2016 we organized and made the project be possible. In 2017 we went to Sérbia, to see how our adventure can help refugees. And now, since 29 July 2018, we are on our non-stop trip around European Union, climbing the highest mountain in each country. One car, two friends and more then 25.000km and 28 summits.

Peak Summit Climb for Hope

BC  - Can you share one story of this quest?

C4H - It's been a great adventure and huge experience to know this beautiful nature around us. Once we were driving through Finland, on Lapland and we were surprised by a big family of reindeers, simply and naturally crossing the highway. It was a sunny morning, with a lot of pines threes around, like in a fairy tale, only Santa Claus was missing. We slowed down, took a lot of pictures and videos, while local drivers passed by. Amazing meeting.

Lapland, Finland

BC  - What exactly are the projects that you’re supporting?

C4H - With all donations, we want to support a Vocational Training, provided by ADRA Serbia (ONG) for refugees. It's a great opportunity for them become employable workers, with a certificate recognized by EU. We believe it can change their lives and give them a bright future.

ADRA, Serbia, Migrant

BC  - How can our readers support this cause?

C4H - To support our project and refugees it's simple. You can do a donation by credit card on our www.GoFundMe/weclimbforhope crowdfunding page or make a bank transfer with official IBAN account of ADRA. You can make a difference on someone's life today, all donations are welcome!


Climb For Hope

BC  - Traveling all over the continent, how has been your experience with your BambuCards?

When we got our personalized BambuCards for the first time, it was strange to leave all unnecessary stuff from usual wallet behind and take just main cards with us. But! In a few days, you see how useful it is, you have a small, light and portable Bambucard that is easy to use and it fits everywhere!

I think it's the best invention for traveling! Will recommend it. Try it 🙂

Using BambuCard

Thanks, guys, we wish you all the luck with the remaining peak in the Azores, Portugal and that your effort may result in more refugees able to became employable workers in UE.