About Us

Our Values

We aim to be authentic in our presence and comunication. We firmly believe that "Less is More": less weight in your pocket and fewer worries on your mind. We feel that we are stewards of our planet and by prioritizing sustainable products and processes, we want to reduce our impact on the Earth.


Our Mission

What had started as a personal upgrade to a slim wallet almost 10 years ago, turned into a desire to design an ergonomic and environmentally friendly slim wallet. With high quality craftsmanship and woodworking, we aim to develop attractive bamboo wallets that fit your style and your pocket, all whilst working towards creating a sustainable planet.


Our History

This project started simply as an example of what could be achieved by the wood-working arts done by José Mano at engrave.pt. Surprisingly, the first version of the wallet proved to be a huge success amongst his friends. One of them, Pablo Osorio da Silva, and one of the first wallet testers, joined onboard helping to set a new identity  and direction. Bambucard was born.



José Mano - Founder and the creative of the wood arts
Pablo Osorio da Silva - IT and E-Commerce manager


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